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Dan Bloom Ottawa Mason

Dan Bloom is the owner of Stonehenge Masonry and also an expert mason. Dan was trained at the Algonquin College Heritage Masonry course and has more than 10 years of experience in the field doing restoration of old and historic buildings.


He specializes in natural stone construction and restoration, historic brickwork and foundation repair. His specialty is heritage masonry restoration but he also has extensive of knowledge in carpentry, engineering, architecture and code requirements. He learned both in the field and also from taking the Construction Carpentry course at Algonquin College in 2003.


Customer Reviews

“Thank you so very much for stepping in to save the day!”

Eleanor Kalil

“Outstanding work! Polite and professional. I look forward to recommending you!”

Ann McLeish

“Fine workmanship, attentive to detail — couldn’t have been more professional.”

Gary Campbell

“Thank you for your tip. This is really ‘above and beyond’ expected service.”

Joe Parchelo

“Dan Bloom was really nice to us and inspired confidence. He genuinely wants to make sure we are satisfied.”

Louis Lamontagne

Finished job of stone walkway

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